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"The whole thing about Greek food is simplicity. From the lemons and the olive oil to the greens, its brilliant." 

-Jamie Oliver, Food Network, Cooking Channel

"I found the most fantastic food in Greece, food that I say rivals the best cuisines in the world."

-Andrew Zimmern, The Travel Channel

I'm here in Cyprus representing the United States and I am accredited as Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is essentially the Greek Cypriot portion of the island and that Republic of Cyprus is recognized by all of the members of the United Nations with the exception of Turkey. Turkey has recognized a government which has been established in the north of the island which is called the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus and Turkey has their Ambassador in the north. No other Ambassador is resident there except the Turkish Ambassador.
Galen L. Stone (quote from our documentary Cyprus: South Side)
United States Ambassador to Cyprus, 1978-1981